Appliance Installation in Portland

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What Types of Appliances Can We Help Install?

Our installation services are for appliances that connect to a water source. The installation process can include:

Below are the most common appliances we install and provide maintenance for:

Appliance #1: Dishwasher

A dishwasher needs water to both flow in and drain out during a wash cycle. 

The installation process involves shutting off the water source and electricity to the dishwasher, which can be a bit tricky. One of our licensed plumbers can uninstall your current dishwasher and install the new appliance for you.

Appliance #2: Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal definitely needs water to flow through it. In fact, it shouldn’t be run with the water turned off.

Water lubricates the garbage disposal, which helps the food particles to pass through it more easily.

Our plumbers can ensure your garbage disposal installation is done properly to avoid any clogged pipes or other similar issues.

Appliance #3: Washing Machine

Installing a washing machine correctly is essential if you want your clothes to come out clean and well-maintained.

Our plumbers can take special care to hook up both cold and hot water for all your laundry needs. Installation also allows the machine to fill and drain the water properly.

Appliance Installation Cost In Portland - What To Expect

The cost of appliance installation in Portland varies based on a few factors:

You Don’t Have To Overpay For Appliance Installation

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