Hydro Jetting in Portland, OR

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method of drain cleaning that uses a high-pressure hose to blast water into the drainpipe. The water blasts from every angle with enough force to thoroughly clean every surface inside the pipe.

You might be wondering, “Can I use a hydro jetting machine myself?”

Because the equipment needed isn’t regularly found at your home improvement corner store, hydro jetting is usually done by a professional plumber.

Why is Hydro Jetting Important?

Why is hydro jetting even necessary?

Simple. If your pipes are caked with residue, it could cause the sewer lines to run slower. This could lead to a complete blockage or clog in one or more of your pipes. 

If you notice your water is draining more slowly than it used to, it might be time to schedule a hydro jetting treatment for your home.

Does the Hydro Jet Power Washer Really Work?: What to Expect

Still wondering if hydro jetting is what your sewer line needs?

We understand. It can be hard to determine what the problem is before having a plumber inspect the drains and pipes for you.

Give us a call at 503-750-8323 to set up an inspection. If hydro jetting is, in fact, the solution to your plumbing problems, we can get that taken care of for you.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Instead of relying on Drano alone to clear your drain pipes, take a look at the multiple benefits of hydro jetting:

Fast Results

No need to wait for a clean drain.

The high-pressure water of a hydro jet can quickly clean the pipes and remove any buildup.

Works on Severe Clogs and Blockages

Does your sewer line have an extreme blockage somewhere deep down?

Don’t worry.

The force of the water blast can break up the clog and push it through the line with ease.

Eliminates the Problem

Your drain snake or liquid drain cleaner might get rid of an initial clog. 

But what about the buildup along the walls of the pipes? What if there are multiple clogs?

With hydro jetting, you can ensure the entire pipe is cleaned out, leaving no residue or leftover clogs behind.

Hydro Jetting Cost in Portland

Need an estimate for hydro jetting your home’s sewer lines?

We can take care of that.

Call 503-750-8323 to speak to one of our professional plumbers.


We pride ourselves in being quick and thorough. We understand that it's not ideal having a plumber in your home - that's why it's our commitment to get the job done as quickly as possible.